The artworks come in the form of the ancient Arabic letters (messages) that begin with “Basmalah” and conclude with “Peace”. Art project name “Between the Lines” is inspired by the metaphor in the Arab heritage, which includes touching the hidden connotations between the written lines or the sentences of speech, especially those connotations that prefer the hint and does not give the real feelings when trying to express them.

Between the Lines 2017, Inks on handmade Muqahar paper.

First artwork content:

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

I love you

with peace.

It came after many Arab writings in letters of love and poems spread around the world, such as the writings of Antar Abla, the poems of Qais Majnun Layla, and Jamil Buthaina … etc.
One of the most intresting things in this contembarory artwork is the way to exprees “Love” with one word only but it shows in a different way, characterized by a profound visual abundance, and abbreviates many meanings.
The strange thing about the matter is that the meanings are not written, but they appear within everyone who reads the artwork after they was found strongly between the lines.

There are 13 different messages in the project until now.

Between the lines, 2019. Siyagah Exhibition, King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh.

Between the Lines series, 2019, Inks on paper. 12 Pieces, Each piece is 60*42 cm.