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2019 Aleem

The artwork raises questions about the hierarchy of science and its relationship to extent! And how the visual possibilities from the various angles of the artwork can leading to the concept (Above every one possessed of knowledge is the All-knowing one-God Almighty).

Arabic calligraphy is one of the pillars of the Islamic arts that are based on symbolic connotations and their wealth of influence in the sensory and moral range, as calligraphy is in its essence one of the greatest forms of abstraction of the word and its meanings, also delve into the sources of visual and content possibilities to show aesthetics.

When we look at the sacred word and try to deal with it symbolically, we find an example in the Almighty saying: “وفوق كل ذي علم عليم” – Verse 76 of Surat Yusuf – (Above every one possessed of knowledge is the All-knowing one-God Almighty) is the best example of the idea of hierarchy and its extent, which the artist can deal with visually and transform it into a tangible artistic achievement in the third dimension.

Aleem 2019, Installation (White acrylic sheets and lighting), 150*200 cm. Sharjah Art Museum.


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