The project discusses the internal expansion that results in the external expansion in issues of the universe, stillness, writing, meanings and knowledge, culture and arts … etc. In everything, the expansion is continuous.

The arts expand by expanding its options and continuing to expand its presence and taste, especially in Islamic art based on philosophical thought, The expansion is like an inhale and an exhalation between the inside and the outside. This is a process in which everything augments, especially awareness, perception and meaning.

Despite the state of continuous expansion, many meanings intersect, most situations are similar, and history repeats itself. In the state of rest, the expansion is always continuous.

The artist wrote a set of historical events that affected the development of humanity and the expansion of thought through time, emphasizing that “history is an open book”, and then he used the idea of ​​layers (placing some of them on top of each other). This (intentional not-to-read) overlap raises questions about the reproduction of history, and how can this be taken advantage of in what could happen in the future?

Continuous Expansion series 2020, Visual Station Exhibition, Shara art fair, SAC, Jeddah, KSA.

Continuous Expansion series 2020, Inks and gold leaf on paper. (Silkscreen), 9 pieces, each piece 41 * 54 cm.